Sponsored Adoption Program

The Sponsored Adoption Program is a very simple concept. Shelter management uses donations, which are tax deductible, to pay for the adoption fees for hard to adopt animals. The adoption fee of $105 covers sterilization of the sponsored animal, a microchip, a medical check-up by Garland’s City Veterinarian and the first round of vaccinations. The result is a free healthy pet to anyone who is willing to provide a home.

Sponsored animals are selected weekly, based largely on characteristics that would likely make them unadoptable (such as size, age or breed) if they weren’t free. The success rate of adoptions for sponsored animals is nearly 100% and is only limited by the amount of donations received. Garland citizens and community groups can help increase the success of this program by making donations to the Garland Animal Shelter. Donations of any sum are accepted, and individuals donating $105 (or more) can choose to have their name displayed on the Sponsored Adoption sign and receive a photograph of the animal that was saved through their donation.

How to Make a Donation

Please fill out the Adoption Sponsorship Form (PDF) if you would like to make a donation. Thanks to all of the citizens who have already donated to this program! If you have a question about sponsoring an animal for adoption you can contact Outreach Coordinator Amy Vorster at 972-205-3712.