The Presidential, Congressional, and the City General Election will be held Nov. 3, 2020.

The Dallas County Elections Department has implemented procedures for all voters who wish to cast their ballot in person, during Early Voting or on Election Day. Dallas County Health Protocols for Voters can be reviewed on the Dallas County Elections website.

The Governor extended the early voting period to begin October 13-30 and also suspended Section 86.006(a-1) of the Texas Election Code which allows voters to deliver a marked mail ballot in person to the early voting clerk’s office prior to and including on election day for the November 3.

The South Garland Branch Library at 4845 S. Broadway and the Richland College Garland Campus at 675 Walnut St. are polling locations for early voting from October 13-30. Check the Dallas County Elections website for additional early voting locations outside of Garland and for a complete schedule.

While the majority of the city limits lie within Dallas County, a small area falls within the Collin County boundaries. Find your county’s polling locations at the Dallas County Elections website. You also may call 214-819-6300 for general information or 214-819-6389 for voter registration information.

Candidates on the City ballot:

(District # 1):

Candidate Name:      David Gibbons (unopposed)                 

(District # 2):

Candidate Name:         Deborah Morris           

Candidate Name:        Koni Ramos-Kaiwi         

(District # 4):

Candidate Name:        B. J. Williams                               

Candidate Name:        Jim Bookhout                                                            

(District # 5):

Candidate Name:        Rich Aubin (unopposed)