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Morningstar Investment Research Center is an easy to navigate database that is designed to help library patrons reach their investment goals. It’s the one-stop tool for collecting financial information, getting reliable portfolio analysis, learning about investment options, and getting the most up-to-date financial news commentary.

Benefits Overview:    

  • 14,500+ Stocks    
  • 24,800+ Mutual Funds    
  • 1,500 Exchange Traded Funds    
  • 700 Closed End Funds     
  • Expert Analyst Insight

Fact Sheets: 

Time to Review Your Investment Portfolio?
Watch Morningstar’s recorded presentations for guidance on building and maintaining your portfolio.
Look to the articles and videos for updated personal finance tips and commentary.
Download the helpful step-by-step electronic guide, “30 Days to Financial Fitness.”

Planning for Retirement?
Build, analyze, and edit your investment portfolio with the Portfolio X-Ray tool.
Utilize the Retirement Savings Calculator to check on your savings rate and define retirement goals.
Look through articles and videos for frequently updated tips and ideas on retirement.

New to Investing?
Take an online, self-paced course with Morningstar’s Investing Classroom to begin learning the basics.
Watch videos and read commentary from Morningstar and industry experts.
Utilize the glossary and methodologies when you come across a new term or rating.

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