How has the public been involved in Envision Garland?

Garland residents, businesses, property owners, and the City of Garland worked together on Envision Garland for over two years; several hundred Garland stakeholders participated in its development. Their hopes and vision for our community's future were sought by the City through surveys, community workshops, and other public outreach activities. Local Garland stakeholder input and vision are the foundation of Envision Garland; that public participation and support was invaluable and is reflected throughout the document.

Summer of Public Input

A summary of public input methods and events can be found in background information found on the Document Library page. Additional information about the public input process can be reviewed in the plan document itself. The Plan Commission and City Council hosted a series of public hearings to discuss the Envision Garland draft document. These public hearings were televised on CGTV and can now be viewed on CGTV's Streaming Video website.

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4. How has the public been involved in Envision Garland?
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