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Winters Park


  1. Parking
  2. Playground
  3. Restrooms
  4. Soccer
  5. Softball
  6. Swimming Pool
  7. Tennis

Nestled in the northern region of the city, Winters Park is a sports lover’s paradise. This 125.7-acre park boasts an abundance of picturesque soccer and softball fields, which make it an ideal place to host your next tournament. In addition to being a haven for sports enthusiasts, Winters Park is the perfect place to bring the family for a nice relaxing afternoon. Visitors can soak in the lovely scenery on the adjacent Spring Creek Trail during a bike ride or hike, or you can stay put and play on the state-of-the-art playground. Whatever you are looking for in a park, Winters Park has it and should be the next stop on your Garland park itinerary.


  • 125.7 total acres
  • 78 developed acres

 Activities & Amenities: