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1. What length should my tree branches be?
2. Will Environmental Waste Services pick up tree trunks?
3. I trimmed my trees on Saturday, but my collection day is not until Thursday. When can I set out my tree trimmings?
4. My brush pile is all over the front yard. Will Environmental Waste Services pick it up?
5. Do I have to remove hinges and nails from fencing?
6. Do I have to remove concrete from fence posts?
7. A storm damaged my trees and shrubbery. How do I get the broken limbs picked up?
8. A tree/limb has fallen in my yard/driveway. How can I get it removed?
9. I have extra bags of trash that won’t fit into my trash cart. Can I set them out for bulky collection?
10. Do I have to put things in boxes that I set at the curb?
11. Do you pick up shingles?
12. I am doing a large remodeling job. Can I put my tear-out materials out for weekly collection?