Art Vibe Garland

Art Vibe Garland is a juried art show featuring Garland artists.
There will be a reception at the Granville Arts Center showcasing all 22 artists selected for the show on Tuesday, May 9 from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. 

Art selected for art vibe show

The exhibition will include the following artists:

  • Kayley Bartosch
  • Dolly Biju
  • Linda Brand
  • Crystal Chapman
  • Stephanie Chayrez
  • Julie Chi
  • The Artist Dub
  • Leslie Irwin
  • Mikayla Magee
  • Hetal Mehta
  • Emily Monroe
  • George Nash
  • Robert Ruckel
  • Emma Triana
  • Chip VanPelt
  • Yeny Ventura
  • Michael Vickers
  • Jana Voigt
  • ME Wilcox
  • Kyle Wood
  • Kathleen Zierhut

 Viewers are encouraged to visit all eight locations to see the complete exhibition. 

Art Vibe 2023 Map

1. Firewheel Golf Park 
    600 W. Campbell Rd.
5. Fields Recreation Center 
    1701 Dairy Rd. 
2. North Garland Library 
    3845 N. Garland Ave.
6. Lakewood Brewing Company 
    2302 Executive Dr.
3. Dallas College Garland Center 
    675 W. Walnut St.
7. Audubon Recreation Center 
    342 W. Oates Rd.
4. Granville Arts Center 
    300 N. 5th St. 
8. South Garland Library 
    4845 Broadway Blvd.


The Garland Cultural Arts Commission and the City of Garland will take all precautions for artwork in the gallery on its premises during the run of the exhibition. However, artists should always insure their own work while it is out of their possession and are responsible for contacting their own insurance agents. 


By submitting an entry, the Artist grants permission for the Garland Cultural Arts Commission and the City of Garland to use the accepted image on its website, newsletters, brochures, promotional materials, and social media. Every effort will be made to maintain quality true to the submitted image, recognizing that the print or electronic medium may affect how the viewer receives the image. The Artist hereby certifies that he or she holds the copyright for this material and the copyright remains with said Artist. The Garland Cultural Arts Commission and the City of Garland will display a notice that material must not be “downloaded” or copied. The Artist also certifies that the work submitted is original and does not infringe on any existing copyright.